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A note from Dr. Baxter.

Welcome back! Since you’ve learned with me before, you won’t be surprised that I’m constantly devouring the latest research and refining my approach—both as a doctor and as a business owner. The Tongue-Tied Academy Update is the result of those ongoing efforts.

The course builds upon the original, equipping you with advanced strategies to enhance your practice and improve patient outcomes. Watch the trailer—and get excited! If you loved the original course, we guarantee this one will be even more impactful. It covers the most requested topics and a ton more.

We jam-packed as much value as we could into this 9-module course.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:


Module 1: Fresh Insights

In this module, Dr. Baxter explains the updated treatment plans for tongue-ties, including a comprehensive history, a full release of the tongue, and expanded follow-up care. He discusses the psychology of old-school and new-school methods and describes the importance of compassionate care.


Module 2: Latest Evidence

In this two-module series, Dr. Baxter details new evidence of the benefits of tongue-tie procedures in all ages of children. You'll get updated charts of symptoms by age, as we've learned even more about how tongue-ties affect speech, eating, and sleeping.


Module 3: Training Team Members

In this two-video series, Dr. Baxter breaks down how to hire and train the two other parts of a tongue-tie team: a coordinator who will handle phone calls, scheduling, and payment and an assistant who will be your partner during the procedure. A phone script and assistant duties are also discussed and included.


Module 4: History & Examination Enhancements

In this four-video series, Dr. Baxter explains the importance of getting a thorough history and health assessment and shows you his must-have tools in the exam room. He shows real before-and-after photos and even gives a quick photography lesson for tongue-tie documentation. The FAQs before the procedure are also included in this module.


Module 5: Treatment Refinements

In these eight videos, Dr. Baxter explains a few tweaks he has made in tongue-tie treatment for improved results. Videos of different methods of release (including scissors and electrosurge) are included, as well. He also identifies the three main complications he sees in his office and the best ways to mitigate them. You'll see his most interesting examples of 2023 and get clinical commentary on these unusual cases! The FAQs during the procedure are discussed in detail.


Module 6: Aftercare & Follow-Up Modifications

This three-video series deep dives into the aftercare process, including managing expectations, frequent check-ins, and troubleshooting. Dr. Baxter also gives a detailed description of those tricky follow-up exercises, with video and pictures to aid in getting them just right. He also answers all the FAQs after the procedure in this module.


Module 7: Best Practices for Tongue-Tie Centers to Thrive

This five-video series is a comprehensive how-to for starting a tongue-tie clinic, from the aesthetics (furnishing your consult room) to the logistics (financial, technical, and legal, oh my!). Dr. Baxter warns you about possible pitfalls (and audits!) and how to navigate those well. A video case series from 2024 is also included to show improvements seen in just a couple of days.


Module 8: Virtual Shadowing 2.0

Virtual shadowing is the next best thing to tagging along in real life! Join Dr. Baxter during his appointments, where you're invited to every stage of a tongue-tie consultation, procedure, and follow-up. You'll visit five new patients of all ages and four follow-up patients and see for yourself how we can take a family from surviving to thriving!


Module 9: Conclusion & Test

This module concludes with a test and a survey. Both need to be completed before the coursework is complete and the CE certificate is generated.

Dr. Baxter and his staff at Tongue-Tied Academy are excited to have you join us in this life-changing work!

Earn continuing education, and change lives while you grow.

Not only will dentists and hygienists earn 14 hours of ADA-approved CE credit, but you’ll also be giving back as you learn. 100% of profits from all Tongue-Tied Academy courses support local and global nonprofits. 


We are honored to link arms with the missions of:

  • Neverthirst
  • Mailbox Club
  • Reach the Rest
  • Blanket Fort Hope
  • WorkFaith Birmingham
  • Oak Tree Ministries
  • Doulos Partners
  • Radical
  • And more!

The original Tongue-Tied Academy course has 

celebrated 1500+ students

and has impacted many lives around the world:

You might still be wondering…

Who is this course for?

Like Tongue-Tied Academy, the update course was created for dentists and physicians who want to deepen their knowledge of this emerging field. It's perfect for those who regularly work with infants and children or those who want to expand their skills to work with this important population.

If you are a therapist or another provider not interested in actually performing tongue-tie release procedures, we recommend the LITE version of this course. Learn more here.

Do I have to take the original Tongue-Tied Academy course first?

Yes! The update course builds on the fundamentals taught in the original Tongue-Tied Academy course. If you haven't taken it, you can enroll here.

Originally, I took the LITE version of the course for therapists. Is that an option for this update course?

Yes! There is a LITE option of the update course. Learn more here.

Will I receive CE credits?

We offer dental CE credits (ADA-CERP) for those who need verification of credits for licensure reasons. The certificate will automatically generate at course completion. CE hours are available through our partnership with Affordable CE Credits, which handles the paperwork. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide medical CME credits or other types of credits (speech, lactation, etc.) at this time.

Does this course teach about treating adults?

Like the original course, the main focus of the udpate course is on infants, children, and adolescents. You will benefit from taking it if you treat adults, but we highly recommend you read about Dr. Zaghi's Breathe Course first. It may be a better fit for you.

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  • Identify tongue- and lip-tie symptoms in your patients
  • Examine and diagnose oral restrictions properly
  • Increase confidence in your treatment decisions and technique
  • Provide a comprehensive plan for these patients
  • Understand the current state of research.
    Integrate these procedures into your practice
  • Find this treatment rewarding and excite your team


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  • 14 hours of ADA-approved dental CE credits
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  • Your entire course fee is donated to charity

Thank you for doing what you do.

We see it all the time: Parents walking into our office with fear and worry… and walking out with relief and hope. That’s because, while releasing a tongue- or lip-tie may be seconds of work for you, the impact you make on a child lasts forever.

Thank you for your dedication to education so, as a body, we can offer our patients and their families our very best. We’re proud to serve alongside you.